Top Three Most Expensive Engagement Rings

One of the most important events in your life is getting engaged and the first thing you may think about is the diamond engagement ring. Proposing to your loved one may be the most exciting (and possibly nerve-racking) moment of your life, and the diamond engagement ring will make the moment even more special. This is why it should always be of the highest quality diamond and made with precious stones, like the diamond, and metals, for example, gold and silver. Listed below are three of the priciest diamond engagement rings worldwide.

#3 – House of Taylor’s Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

$1.3 million

House of Taylor’s oval-shaped diamond engagement ring falls in as the third most expensive diamond engagement ring worldwide. This diamond engagement elegant ring features an oval white diamond, shaped like a flower that is 5.98 carats, also the white diamonds around it measure in at 3.96 carats, which gives the appearance of a flower made out of diamonds. Its elegance also means a very hefty price tag, costing over a million dollars.

#2 – Tiffany Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

$1.465 million

The runner-up for the world’s priciest engagement ring is made by Tiffany. It is the oval diamond engagement ring, which has a wallet-busting price tag of nearly 1.5 million dollars. Price aside, this diamond engagement ring scream elegance and attractiveness and come in two shapes, oval and square pillow shape. Both are set in platinum.

The piece is available for $1.465 million, featuring an oval diamond set in platinum. The diamond is 14.79 carats. There is a less expensive version of the ring that sell for under a million dollars ($800,000), which features a square cushion diamond engagement ring set in platinum at 12.03 carats.

The most expensive diamond engagement ring in the world.

#1 – De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum

$1.83 million

At last we’ve reached the most expensive engagement ring in the world, which is the round brilliant platinum by De Beers. This diamond engagement ring has the most desired grade on the diamond color scale, D-grade. It has an elegant appearance and is very beautiful, featuring a 9 carat round diamond set in platinum.