Vintage or antique engagement rings are coming back in a big way. These rings are generally very ornate, may use colored stones, and typically utilize a halo setting or incorporate gold. As a result, vintage engagement rings are unique and distinctive, an eye catching expression of not only love but originality. Many stars are now sporting these elaborate sparklers from their beaus, and with these gorgeous picks, it’s no wonder why.


Jessica Biel’s beautiful ring boasts a substantial cushion-cut diamond set in blackened platinum. In order to add even more drama to the ring, the stone is encompassed by a double diamond halo and two pale blue gemstones. Talk about something blue! Arguably one of the most admired antique rings, it’s no secret that Justin Timberlake not only loves his wife very much, but has impeccable taste.


Considering Mary Kate Olsen is practically the fashion Messiah, it’s only fitting she flaunts one of the most dazzling antique rings given to her by Olivier Sarkozy. Reportedly, it is a Cartier ring from the 1950s with a four carat old European cut diamond, enclosed by a beautiful sapphire halo, held by yellow gold petal shaped diamonds. As a result, this ring has a very floral, romantic, and royal feel. 


Penelope Cruz’s ring also incorporates sapphire. In an engagement ring, sapphire is meant to symbolize faithfulness and sincerity. With the sheer size of her stunning rock, there’s no question that Javier Bardem is committed to his beautiful lady. The oval shaped sapphire is surrounded by a halo of diamonds that has a floral effect, a quintessentially antique and romantic look.


No antique engagement ring list is complete without Scarlett Johansson’s remarkable Art Deco ring. It is quite unusual with its long rectangle shape of three bezel set round diamonds. Also surrounded by smaller sparklers, it is incredibly eye catching and unique. 


Although this engagement didn’t last, this ring’s beauty will echo the vintage engagement ring hall of fame forever. Miley Cyrus once flaunted this spectacular 3.5 carat cushion-cut diamond ring, the center stone of which dates back to the late 19th century. On a 18-karat gold band surrounded by elaborate, floral cut diamonds, this ring exemplifies an art nouveau pattern. Gold in an engagement ring is meant to symbolize fidelity, although we can be sure that for this pair it did not have such a lasting effect. Regardless, this ring borders on ostentatious in the best way possible, and is undeniably dazzling.


Vincent Kartheiser popped the question with this distinct octagonal engagement ring for Alexis Bledel. This vintage-inspired ring with a large octagonal-shaped diamond exudes antiquity with the intricately decorated band with smaller diamonds on the sides. This ring maintains its romantic glamour but in a more subtle fashion than those with gold or colored stones.


Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring is very striking. Primarily because the beautiful circle diamond is showcased within a halo of emeralds. With the use of yellow gold around the stones and a platinum band, this is one of the most distinctive rings in Hollywood. It’s not surprising that this unique bombshell has such a rare and vintage engagement ring.