Trending: Black Diamonds

A new trend has been sweeping the jewelry market—black diamonds! When people look for diamonds, they usually look for a piece that sparkles! Although black diamonds don’t quite glisten the same way that white diamonds do, their sensual, elegant, dramatic affect has made them a popular edition to luxury jewelry collection. 


Like most colored diamonds, finding a black diamond in nature is extremely rare. Most black diamonds sold are actually white diamonds that have been infused with graphite. The graphite is what turns the diamond black.

Black Diamonds are currently available in two forms: natural treated or natural untreated diamonds. The more common of the two is the natural treated black diamond. For something to be treated, it must go through irradiation to purify the diamond and boost the color. This is much less expensive than a white diamond. The untreated black diamonds haven’t gone through any purification treatments. These diamonds are much more rare and cost more than the treated diamonds. 

When purchasing a black diamond, you no longer need to worry about color or clarity and can focus on the way the diamond shines. Another thing to pay attention too is the way the diamond is cut. Since black diamonds are much harder to cut and refine because they are permeable. When they are properly cut, their facets allow the black diamonds to still radiate and sparkle like a white diamond would. Before buying a black diamond, it is important to focus on the table and crown of the diamond to ensure maximum sparkle in your new piece! A quick way of finding a well cut black diamond is by choosing one with a smaller table and larger crowns.

Black Diamonds have made their way into the heart of jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts alike. They compliment earrings just as well as they do necklaces, bracelets and of course rings!