Men’s wedding bands don’t have to be basic. While the men’s wedding ring section was once limited to plain gold bands, there’s now much more variety in modern men’s wedding ring design. There are ultra-luxe diamond men’s rings, striking carbon fiber bands, rugged tantalum bands, and so much more. 

Thanks to the increased selection in the men’s wedding ring category, men who want a unique wedding band have plenty of options. And, below, we’re celebrating some of our favorites as we take a closer look at the best unique wedding bands for men. 

Diamond Wedding Bands For Men

Wedding bands with gemstone details are an excellent option for a man with a sophisticated sense of style. Gemstone accents can add an opulent, eye-catching edge to a ring— and no gemstone is more eye-catching than the diamond. 

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone for engagement rings and wedding bands for good reason. Diamonds have the most scintillation of any precious gemstone, giving them an unmatched light performance. Then, diamonds are particularly well-suited to wedding rings, and not just because they’re a symbol of eternity and love. Diamonds are also the hardest substance on earth, which makes them the most practical gemstone choice for an everyday ring that will surely see some bumps, scrapes, and drops over the years. 

White Gold Twin Diamond Wedding Band 

7MM Men’s White Gold Diamond Wedding Band by Barkev’s

This diamond wedding band is uniquely elegant. In this design, a rounded gold band provides a breathtaking backdrop for a pair of round brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds stun from within in a hollowed, slanted groove at the peak of the ring, adding a luxe and modern element to the design. Pictured above in 14 karat white gold, this distinctive men’s wedding ring is also available in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. 

Rose Gold Modern Diamond Wedding Band 

Rose Gold Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band by Barkev’s

With its array of unexpected details, this modern wedding band is an ideal choice for a man who likes to stand out with his style. This 14 karat rose gold ring features a subtle brushed finish along the center of the band and gleaming, polished edges. Five perfectly matched princess cut diamonds take center stage at the heart of this design, providing luxe shine from within a modern channel setting. 

Two-Tone Modern Diamond Wedding Band 

Two-Tone Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band by Barkev’s

This bold men’s wedding ring features four diamond accents and a unique two-tone design. Featuring one white gold shoulder, one yellow gold shoulder, a rectangular channel set with diamonds, and chunky rounded square shape, this contemporary ring boasts abstract design elements that set it apart from the rest of the pack. 

Geometric Diamond Wedding Band 

White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band by Barkev’s 

With its oversized silhouette and graphic open link design, this men’s wedding ring is decidedly distinctive. Here, three princess-cut diamonds rest flush in square bezel settings that suspend within open links crafted from white gold. Available in a light satin finish or a bright high polish finish, this white gold ring can be customized to create different looks. 

Asymmetric Diamond Wedding Band 

White Gold Diamond Wedding Band by Barkev’s 

Masculine and luxe, this diamond wedding band is a sophisticated choice. The star feature of this beveled edge ring is a linear diamond accent that’s set end-to-end along the top of the band. This accent features eight baguette cut diamonds and one asymmetrically placed princess cut diamond, which together create a captivating line of brilliance within a channel setting. 

Vintage-Inspired Diamond Wedding Band

Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band by Barkev’s 

This men’s diamond ring incorporates Art Deco era elements to create a unique, vintage-inspired look. The influence of the Art Deco era can be seen clearly on this ring’s raised center, which features a repeating pattern of triangle and diamond shapes. Three princess cut diamonds are set aslant in diamond-shaped bezel settings upon this raised center, providing a pleasing echo of the ring’s geometric pattern. 


Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands For Men

Carbon fiber, a sleek and strong black metal, is a popular alternative metal for men’s ring styles. For some, the main appeal of carbon fiber is its deep, mysterious look. Others are drawn to carbon fiber due its practical advantages. Carbon fiber is hypoallergenic, very lightweight for a metal, and extremely durable. Whether you’re interested in carbon fiber for its aesthetics, its practicality, or both, a carbon fiber wedding ring is an excellent unique men’s wedding band option. 

Black Diamond and Carbon Fiber Wedding Band 

Black Diamond and Carbon Fiber Gold Wedding Band by Dora

Deep black carbon fiber is paired with warm gold in this luxurious men’s wedding band design. Here, a solid ring of carbon fiber is accented by columns of gleaming yellow gold. These golden lines are dotted with 15 AAA black diamonds, further enhancing the opulent look of the design. 

Rose Gold and Carbon Fiber Wedding Band 

Rose Gold and Carbon Fiber Wedding Band by Dora 

This rose gold and carbon fiber wedding band proves that minimalist designs can make a big impact. This two-tone ring features an inner ring of rose gold and an exterior ring crafted from carbon fiber. The matte depth of this ring’s outer carbon fiber ring pops against the ring’s gleaming inner gold ring, creating a truly striking effect. 


Tantalum Wedding Bands For Men 

Tantalum is a rare metal that recently surged in popularity for men’s wedding bands. Tantalum, a silvery metal that’s darker than platinum, is loved for its unique industrial look, which many feel gives it a futuristic quality. This naturally lustrous metal is also loved for its comfort and durability. Tantalum doesn’t conduct heat and is extremely scratch and break resistant. Another positive quality of tantalum is that it doesn’t react to other metals, so it pairs exceptionally well with other metals. This means there are many wedding band styles that combine tantalum and other metals to create unique designs. 

Tantalum and Rose Gold Wedding Band 

Tantalum Rose Gold and Carbon Fiber Wedding Band by Dora 

This men’s wedding band combines three materials to create a distinctively beautiful look. Here, a patterned rose gold center trim is bordered by lines of carbon fiber atop a tantalum band. Featuring a comfort fit interior, this alternative metal band is as easy to wear as it is attractive. 

Tantalum and White Gold Hammered Wedding Band

Tantalum and White Gold Wedding Band by Dora 

Steely and sleekly textured, this tantalum and white gold wedding band is endlessly appealing. This ring features a white gold center inlay, which shines brightly on a backdrop of stormy gray tantalum. This white gold accent features a hammered pattern that adds both shine and detail to this stand-out ring. 

FAQ About Men’s Wedding Bands

What is a comfort fit? 

A ring with a comfort fit is domed along the interior of the band, rather than flat against the finger like most standard rings. As the name implies, a comfort fit is designed to make wearing a ring more comfortable. Comfort fits are most often used on wide rings, so they’re more commonly found on men’s rings than women’s rings. 

Is sterling silver a good metal for a men’s wedding band? 

Sterling silver wedding bands aren’t particularly common because this metal has disadvantages when compared to other wedding band metal options. For example, sterling silver is one of the softest jewelry metals and it will tarnish over time. Sterling silver rings just aren’t as durable as other silver-colored options, like white gold and platinum rings, so they’re not the best choice for a wedding ring that will be worn every day. 

Can you resize a men’s wedding ring?

Whether or not you can resize a men’s wedding ring depends on that specific ring’s materials. Some rings, like solid gold rings or gold solitaire rings, are very easy to resize. Other rings, like diamond eternity bands, are extremely challenging and sometimes impossible to resize. Then, some rings are virtually always impossible to resize. The base metal of a ring can sometimes be too hard and strong to accommodate a ring resize. For example, carbon fiber and tantalum are both too hard to resize. Inlays, which are commonly featured on men’s wedding rings, can also make a piece of jewelry impossible to resize. You generally can’t adjust the size of things like koa wood inlay or meteorite inlay. 

Because some materials make resizing impossible, it’s important to use a ring sizer to determine your exact ring size before you buy your wedding ring. If you’re buying a carbon fiber ring, a wood ring, a tantalum ring, or any other ring that can’t be resized, make sure you buy the right ring size the first time. 

What’s the best material for a men’s wedding ring? 

There’s really no “best” material for a men’s ring, as what makes a piece of jewelry the “best” is always dependent on the unique preferences of the wearer. Generally, we can say that people who prioritize durability may prefer materials like carbon fiber, tantalum, tungsten carbide, palladium, titanium, Damascus steel, black zirconium, and platinum. Then, people who want a durable ring yet also want a luxe look tend to prefer precious metals like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. People who don’t care as much about durability and mostly prize uniqueness may think that more fragile materials, such as antler or dinosaur bone, are the best materials for a men’s wedding ring.
If you’re unsure how to find a perfect ring that has the look and practical qualities you want, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Barkev’s. Our expert jewelers would be happy to help you find a ring that fits both your practical needs and your aesthetic goals.