Wedding Jewelry: Beyond the Engagement Ring

When a wedding is in the works, everyone wants to see the engagement ring. Of course the engagement ring is very important, but don’t forget about all the other wedding jewelry that must be considered.

Wedding Ring for Her

For some, the wedding ring is just a simple band, but if your engagement ring is anything other than a simple solitaire, finding the perfect band can be a challenge. You need the band sit flush against the engagement ring.  In some cases, the wedding ring will have to be custom created to fit properly with the engagement ring.

Wedding Ring for Him

Sometimes the man’s wedding ring ends up being almost an afterthought. Don’t feel that the bride’s and groom’s bands have to match. Instead, let his ring be a reflection of his taste and style. NOTE: If he works with his hands, consider getting him two rings. One can be a simple band that is exclusively for use while he is at work.

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Bridal Wedding Day Jewelry

Most brides want to wear more than just their engagement ring on their big day. Other wedding day jewelry may include earrings a necklace and bracelets. This wedding day jewelry may consist of borrowed pieces, costume jewelry and, perhaps, one special piece of wedding day jewelry given as a gift from her mother or her groom-to-be.


Wedding Gift from Bride to Groom

A wedding gift from the bride to groom should be something very special that the groom can always treasure. Some ideas are a nice watch or a pair of diamond cufflinks.

Wedding Gift from Groom to Bride

The wedding gift for the bride should also be something worthy of becoming a keepsake. This could be a lovely diamond pin, a spectacular watch or a bracelet.

This other wedding jewelry is just as important as the engagement ring, so it should be just as special. Take your time when selecting these pieces as they are likely to be something that you will pass down to your children someday.