Wedding Planner

You’ve been dreaming up your wedding details since you were a little girl, now that the big day is fast approaching, make sure everything is picture perfect by working with a wedding coordinator.

With Pinterest’s popularity at an all-time high, do it yourself centerpieces and homemade cakes are crowding the wedding scene. These handcrafted touches can add a great deal of sentiment to your ceremony, but brides often make the mistake of taking on more projects then they could possibly manage. It’s easy to let the busyness detract from the magic of this special season in life, forgetting that the engagement months are a sweet time that should be set apart for making memories with your love that will last forever.

Brides often fall into the trap of attempting to organize every aspect of their wedding day by themselves. What seems like a simple task soon turns into an unmovable mountain. They’ll see a great idea for hand-crafted place cards online and set out to recreate these works of art all alone. The problem is when they’re searching for a venue, building a reception play list and picking bridesmaid dresses at the same time, these “small tasks” become impossible to accomplish. This will only lead to great amounts of stress and frustration. When you enlist the help of a wedding coordinator, he or she will aid  you in scheduling your time so you get to put your own special touches on certain elements of your wedding.

A trend that is rising in popularity is hiring a coordinator for the month before your wedding. This gives you the freedom to make the initial selections on your own, but also gives stability, having a trained professional during crunch time. Wedding coordinators help make decisions easier, presenting you with your options and following up with the bakery or florist, giving you more time to focus on pampering yourself and enjoying your fiancé. Your coordinator will be there on the day of the wedding, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Hiring a wedding coordinator frees you up to add the special touches, in the end giving you a more personalized wedding than if you had done it all alone. You’ll have time to focus on the details, such as picking the perfect jewelry to compliment your gown. It’s important to take the time to select your earrings as well as your necklace or bracelet. Do you love the clean look of stud diamonds, or do you prefer ornamental, statement earrings? Is a delicate necklace the best way to highlight the neckline of your gown? These important details are often overlooked or put off until the last minute, due to the bride’s excessive busyness. Hiring a coordinator will enable you to give attention to the small, but crucial details that will make your day absolutely perfect.