For over 40 years Barkev’s has been a leading designer of diamond engagement and wedding rings along with other jewelry, and over that time we’ve become an authority when it comes to sourcing diamonds and a variety of other gemstones. This post touches on the process of buying diamonds including some of the best questions to ask.

The first question should be whether you’re buying a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond, which isn’t necessarily bad, though it definitely affects the price. Nowadays many couples opt for lab grown diamonds because they offer the same properties of a natural diamond at a fraction of the cost, though it all comes down to personal preference.

Secondly, going back to natural diamonds, you have to remember that not all diamonds are created equal and their color/clarity along with size plays a huge role in the desirability/price in the end. For example, a flawless 2-carat diamond solitaire engagement ring can be worth far more than a 5-carat ring that looks good to the naked eye but has tons of issues.

Most importantly, don’t be worried about asking questions because the best solutions come from you being inquisitive while on your search for perfection. And having the right jeweler on your side.