Barkev’s has been in the jewelry industry for over 40 years and over that time we’ve seen interests shift from customers wanting more classic engagement rings early on to thinking outside of the box and what will truly make them happy.

And as part of that trend, Barkev’s has not only seen a spike in demand for engagement rings with more unique stones (black diamonds, blue diamonds, moissanite, lab grown, etc.) but also the shapes of stones people gravitate towards.

For example, whereas years ago when we started and natural diamond solitaire engagement rings were most common, today more unique shapes like teardrop or pear cut/shaped rings are gaining traction.

Looking at teardrop or pear shaped rings in particular and the meaning behind them, there are a variety of theories ranging from teardrop engagement rings representing tears of happiness/joy to so much more. However, we believe it all comes down to personal preference.

The moral of the story is that times are changing and if you have any questions on your engagement ring journey we are here to help and only a call away: (800) 227-7321