Over the past 40 years in the jewelry business we’ve been asked a lot of questions as you can imagine, and more recently we’ve seen a spike in interest around two-tone engagement rings along with questions about what they are and the meaning behind them. Fortunately, it’s not complicated.

First and foremost, two-tone engagement rings are essentially rings made with two different metals – like a blend of white and yellow gold – which provide a unique visual appeal where the colors of the metals accent each other. Think about an epic sculpture where the key design elements are highlighted in a certain color and the other color brings things to life: That’s the beauty of two-tone engagement rings.

When it comes to the meaning of two-tone engagement rings, though people try to come up with cool theories and supernatural ideas about what they actually mean, the reality is that personal style/preferences drive everything whether you’re buying an engagement ring, car in a particular color, or anything else.

The question you should be asking yourself is not necessarily what a two-tone engagement ring means, but instead what will make your future life partner happy. You know their interests/style more than anyone, so it’s time to make things happen.

And if you need help along the way we are here to help! We’re only a call away.