What To Give Your Bridesmaids On The Big Day

With all the attention on the bride and groom, people forget how much effort goes into being a bridesmaid. After all, making sure the bride has as smooth of a time possible getting ready for her big day is no easy task. Your bridesmaids have stuck by your side throughout the whole process; make them feel appreciated with these great getting ready gift ideas!

Matching Robes
Choosing what to wear while getting ready can get frustrating, as you have to find a shirt that won’t mess up your hair and make-up when you take it off. Gift your bridesmaids with a set of matching silk robes for a quick, mistake-proof getting ready process. Try a floral pattern, or a bright color for a unique, fun twist! 

Make-Up Kit
Get all the wedding day make-up essentials: lipgloss/lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and concealer, bundle them together, and wrap them with a bow. Walla! You have a handy bridesmaid gift that the girls will love. Wrap each bundle with a bow in the bridesmaid’s favorite color for a personalized touch!

Emergency Kit
Find a cute, small bag, and fill it to the top with anything you and your bridesmaids could need! This could be anything that you think may cause a potential problem on your big day! For example, if you peaked inside my bridesmaid emergency kit you would find cotton swabs, Advil, bobby pins, Band-Aids, tampons, double-sided sticky tape, blotting tissues, stain remover and deodorant.

Over-Sized Flannels

These are cozy, cute, and could totally be used again! The three necessities when searching for a great getting ready gift for your bridesmaids! Especially if your wedding is in the winter or the fall, over-sized flannels will keep your go-to girls warm, stylish, and comfortable as they are doing their make-up and hair! Plus, like the robe, it’s easy to take off when it’s time to put on the dresses!

Professional Hair And Make-Up
Not exactly a gift they could take home, but your bridesmaids will absolutely love being treated for professional hair and make-up! Not only does it take some stress off of their shoulders, but also this will probably be the only time throughout the day where they get to relax and let someone else do the work! Plus, your bridesmaids will be looking fabulous!

Matching Earrings
A little bling is essential to all bridesmaid dresses. Get your bridesmaid matching diamond earrings, or bracelets that compliment their dresses! For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing green bridesmaid dresses, try a pair of earrings that incorporates that color.  These beautiful white gold peridot earrings from Barkev’s feature a hint of green that is sure to go great with a green, or floral patterned bridesmaid dress.

Whether you use these ideas, or get creative, your bridesmaids will love that you took the time out of your insane schedule to buy them a present. A small gift for the day of your wedding is the perfect way to show your bridesmaids your gratitude for all the time and effort they’ve put into making this process as stress-free for you as possible.