As we covered in previous posts the lab grown diamond trend is taking off and that has led to a lot of confusion around natural vs lab grown diamonds when it comes to choosing/designing an engagement ring. The big question is: Which is better?

The reality is that what’s best for you might not be the best for someone else, and we wanted to point out 3 things you should consider when choosing between a natural or lab grown diamond.

For one, not even the best gemologist in the world can visually tell the difference between a lab grown and natural diamond (given they have the same clarity/properties) which means you can spend a fraction of the price for a stunning lab grown diamond engagement ring and nobody will know the difference.

Secondly, as a couple that’s looking to build a future together you have to weigh your priorities, and maybe getting a lab grown diamond is a smart move because that allows you to put money into buying a home, starting a business, etc.

Lastly, the biggest question you have to ask yourself is what will make your significant other happy? From the stone(s) to the design, etc. this is your moment to shine and you need to make it special. And being special doesn’t mean spending the most money, but instead being thoughtful and calculated.