The World’s First All-Diamond Ring

 The world's first all-diamond ring dwarfs Kim Kardashian's and Elizabeth Taylor's famed diamonds.

Swiss designer Shawesh Jewelry has unveiled what they are claiming as “The World’s First All Diamond Ring.” The designer is trumpeting their 150-carat sparkler which is valued at a jaw-dropping price of $70 million. According to Mohammad Shawesh, CEO of the Geneva-based design house, the ring took over a year to create. In a 2011 interview with Vogue UK, Shawesh stated that the idea for the ring came from his desire “to do something new.” Shawesh continued by saying that “A ring made entirely of diamonds seemed like a fantasy. It seemed impossible, so we decided to embark upon the adventure of creating it.”

To create the all-diamond stunner, a design team used special laser equipment to form the piece from a single massive rock. The special laser equipment allowed designers to cut directly into the diamond with expert precision and to create the oversized piece without sacrificing the diamond’s integrity.

Shawesh Jewelry’s all-diamond ring was recently displayed at the 2012 edition of “BaselWorld Watch and Jewelry Show” and it was the talk of the event. The high-profile exhibition is held annually and it features the latest designs from the world’s top jewelry design houses.

By comparison, the all-diamond ring is five times larger than the stunning, 20.5-carat engagement ring Kim Kardashian was presented with before her 72-day marriage to NBA basketball star Kris Humphries. In fact, the all-diamond ring makes Elizabeth Taylor’s world-famous 33.19-carat diamond ring seem passé.

With so many carats on display, the ring will be coveted by a who’s who of diamond lovers looking to flaunt their wealth. The lucky lady who receives the all-diamond ring will forever hold the trump card whenever carat size is mentioned. Most importantly, she will be walking around with the key to a cushy lifestyle wrapped around her finger.

I guess diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend.