Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut
Engagement Rings

The cushion cut diamond is one of the most timeless and classic diamond shapes. Some of the world's most renowned diamonds are cushion cut. Our Cushion Cut collection of engagement rings are designed with one thing in mind, to complement the diamond's rounded corners and large facets to further enhance the diamond's brilliance. Our popular collection of uniquely handcrafted halo and solitaire cushion cut engagement ring designs are designed and handmade in the United States.

    • Type of Setting
    • Metal Type
    • Gemstone
    • Center Shape
  • Cushion Cut Engagement Ring 8001L
  • Morganite Engagement Ring MOC-8025LP
  • Halo Engagement Ring 8011LP
  • Halo Engagement Ring 8009L
  • Rose Gold Bridal Set 8008SP
  • Halo Bridal Set 8006S
  • Blue Sapphire Bridal Set 8006SBS
  • Black Diamond Bridal Set 8006SBK
  • Rose Gold Cushion Cut Ring 8006LP
  • Cushion Cut Engagement Ring 8006LBK
  • Cushion Cut Engagement Ring 8005LP
  • Cushion Cut Engagement Ring 8005L
  • Cushion Cut Bridal Set 8001SP
  • Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring 8006LBS
  • Halo Engagement Ring 8028L
  • Halo Engagement Ring 8011L
  • Halo Bridal Set 8008S
  • Halo Engagement Ring 8008L
  • Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring 8005LPS
  • Halo Bridal Set 8006S2BS
  • Black Diamond Bridal Set 8006S2BK
  • Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring 8006L
  • Cushion Cut Bridal Set 8001S
  • Cushion Cut Engagement Ring 8005LBK

Cushion-Cut Diamond Rings

The cushion-cut diamond is one the most popular diamond shapes. Each diamond is hand selected to ensure only the highest quality diamonds are crafted with only the highest quality precious metals to craft each cushion-cut diamond ring. Whether your choice is a single solitaire diamond ring, or one with more extravagant accent pieces, the artisans at Barkevs will use their generations of expertise to craft you a fine heirloom that is exclusively yours.


Cushion cut engagement rings became incredibly popular during the latter part of the 1800s and the early 1900s. Often called a pillow cut diamond because of its resemblance to billowy pillows, it was also called a candlelight diamond because it was crafted specifically to shine most brilliantly by the light of a soft fireplace. These days, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are becoming the go-to style for the sophisticated bride. With a sensual shape and ethereal sparkle, they are a refined alternative to flashier designs yet do not sacrifice either the beauty or romance that symbolizes the bond between you and your partner.