Produce comprehensive in-house digital marketing campaigns for a jewelry manufacturing business through social media channels including www.barkevs.com , Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Troubleshoot and Improve ship-to-home sample try-on program unique to Barkevs.com. Collaborate with Lead designer, jewelers, diamond setters and product development team on all technical aspects of finished design to photograph, display and describe products accurately on website and social media. Independently determine color, cut, clarity and size of diamonds and other precious stones for accurate depiction. on www.barkevs.com and electronic inventory control mechanisms to ensure product availability Promote Barkev Jewelry’s exposure through efficient development of its intellectual property and trademarks. Requires 3 Months Jewelry Sales experience. 40 Hours per Week. Must have bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or IT Management. MAIL ad and resume to: BARKEV’S, INC., 707 S. Broadway, Suite 415, Los Angeles, CA 90014. Attn: Steta Ratevosian.