A Push Present For the Future Heir of Your Family

With the announcement that the royals are expecting the future King or Queen of England, it brings to light the question of what do you get the girl who has everything? William may want to begin the search today so that he can ensure that by the time the heir is set to arrive he has Kate’s push present wrapped and ready to go.

What is a push present you may ask?  Push present is a gift that is traditionally selected by the child’s father to present to their mother on the day of their birth. The tradition gained popularity in England and India and has quickly spread to other countries. This tradition is a great way to show the mother your great appreciation for all that she has endured when bringing the child into the world.

When it comes to selecting a push present, it is important to remember to tailor the gift to the mother’s personal style and taste. One such gift option includes the three stone necklace and earring combination. These items symbolize the past, present, and future of your growing family. They can be selected in the traditional diamond form, or can be purchased in the birthstone of the newest member of your family.

Another great gift option when it comes to selecting a push present is a dressy watch that can be inscribed with a personal message from dad. You may want to choose to select the child’s date of birth or another significant message on the back of the watch. However you choose to celebrate all that she had done for you during this special time in your life, remember that diamonds are forever so will be the love between parent and child.