Diamond Stud Earrings Make the Perfect Gift

With overcrowded malls filled with tsotchkes and merchandise you’ll never use, purchasing a simple pair of diamond stud earrings is the perfect gift idea. Elegant, sophisticated and the gift that matches everything, your significant other will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this timeless gift.

Before swiping your credit card, however, here are a few questions to ask before making your purchase.

What cut is best? Diamonds come in numerous shapes and sizes. The bestselling cut is the “round brilliant,” which offers the most sparkle for your dollar. If this style doesn’t suit you, other popular cuts include the princess and emerald. Luckily, any cut matches any style of clothing.

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What size do you prefer? Obviously, this largely depends on your budget. But you should also take into account the style of the person. If your significant other is one to wear earrings during the daytime, a smaller size will pair perfectly with office attire. However, if you’re a couple that hits the town on regular occasions, larger diamonds complement more upscale outfits.

What is total carat weight? Total carat weight (TDW) for a pair of earrings includes both of them. For example, if a pair of earrings is 1-carat TDW, each earring is 0.5-carats.

What quality should you look for?  Jewelers grade diamonds according to carat, cut, color and clarity. An alphabetical scale rates the color quality of a stone: D-F for colorless, G-I for near colorless, J-K for faint color and L-R for noticeable color. For earrings, clarity and color aren’t as important as are carat weight and cut. Because the earrings aren’t a main focus like a ring, they don’t need to be a high-quality color.

What’s your budget? Prices vary considerably. Decide on the combination of carat weight and cut and do your homework from there. If budget is a major factor in your purchase, don’t let a slightly lower quality of diamonds stop you. You can find sparkly options even with compromise.

Where did the diamonds originate? Do take the time to ensure that they are not conflict diamonds. Many retailers will guarantee that the diamonds are not blood diamonds or come from illegal activities.

While buying a pair of diamond stud earrings is a fairly major purchase, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating one—and your significant other will no doubt appreciate the sentiment.