Jennifer Lopez Rocks Her Jewelry Accessories at the Pure Night Club

Jennifer Lopez spotted at the Pure Night Club in Las Vegas, NevadaJennifer Lopez was recently spotted at the Pure Night Club in Las Vegas, Nevada and she certainly did not disappoint with her jewelry selections. Her accessories included a pair of stunning round cut diamond stud earrings along with a collection of white gold rings and a modern style silver bangle bracelet.

Creating the Jennifer Lopez Look

Her entire look came together perfectly as her jewelry selections were definitely the perfect touch when it came to her royal blue fitted strapless cocktail dress.

The White Gold and Diamond Rings – Her rings consisted of white gold and diamond accents and were in a variety of designs, including a ring that actually had the diamonds in the shape of a star. By mixing and matching the shapes and styles of the diamond rings she was able to match the more contemporary design of her dress selection.

The Modern Style Silver Bangle Bracelet – Her contemporary dress definitely called for a special touch when it came to her jewelry accessories and her modern style silver bangle bracelet was definitely the perfect accent. As you can see, it plays perfect of the shapes and angles featured in the dress itself.

The Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings – Jennifer’s round cut diamond stud earrings are simple enough to play off of her contemporary style dress but just a beautiful nonetheless. The round shape compliments the geometric shapes scene in the dress, the white gold and diamond rings, and the modern style bangle bracelet.

Once again Jennifer Lopez put together a winning look and pulled it off well – as always.

Jennifer has always had a love for the accessories and we get to continually enjoy the different looks she creates. However, once again we are seeing a bare neckline from another leading lady as Jennifer chose to follow the latest trend and forgo the traditional necklace for her other jewelry accessories.

Jennifer was celebrating her world tour and even performed a concert at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. This marked one of her final performances in the United States for this tour and she