Keep Your Diamond Sparkling: Tips for Diamond Care and Cleaning

Three Stone Diamond Ring

Diamonds may be the hardest type of jewelry, but they are not indestructible, so take the time to care for your precious gem and you’ll enjoy its beauty for years to come. Here are a few tips to help you keep your diamond ring sparkling, clean and safe:

Protect your diamond from harsh chemicals such as chlorine and other abrasives. These chemicals can remove the finish on your diamond and erode some of the metal used in diamond settings. Also avoid getting lotions, hair products, household chemicals and skin oils on your diamond regularly, as these can build up and cause your bauble to become dull. Don’t handle your diamond more than you need to so you can avoid getting excess skin oil on it. Also keep your diamond safe by taking it off when you do hard labor or activities involving cleaning chemicals.

Keep your diamond in its own storage case, separate from other types of jewelry. Diamonds can scratch other types of gem stones as well as scratch other diamonds. When you remove your diamond, don’t leave it out by the sink or anywhere except in its case. Also do not clean your diamond by the sink, as you run the risk of your bauble falling down the drain.

Clean your diamond regularly. Use a jewelry cleaner from your local jeweler or an ammonia solution. Allow your diamond to soak in the solution for at least an hour once or twice a week. When you remove your diamond from the solution, use a soft, clean toothbrush to gently wipe away any excess dirt or buildup. Focus on the back of the diamond, which is usually where the most dirt and oil accumulates. Dry your diamond with a lint-free cloth.

Take your diamond to your jeweler for a more thorough cleaning and inspection once a year. Your jeweler can also perform any needed repair work when you bring your gem in.