Must Know Tips About Buying A Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds can make more than rings and necklaces sparkle, they infuse brilliance and class in bracelets as well. If you want to buy a bedazzling diamond bracelet, take note of a few basic elements to look for, so you can find a fashionable match:


Diamond Quality

Diamond quality is important for any piece of diamond jewelry you purchase. The four Cs of diamonds include color, clarity, carat and cut. Colorless diamonds are valued the most, as they offer the most sparkle and brilliance. Off-white diamonds appear more dull compared to clear ones, which reflect more light. Color diamonds are very rare and high in value, with color options ranging from blue to bright yellow. Ultimately your choice in diamond color depends on your preference and the style of bracelet you want. Clarity is the amount of inherent flaws in your diamond. The more clarity your diamond has, the more it will sparkle. Carat is the unit of weight used to measure diamonds. Sinc larger diamonds are more rare, the greater the carat weight, the more valuable the diamond. The cut of your diamond is how it has been shaped and processed. The cut influences how your diamond reflects light. The best cuts reflect the most light, making your diamond shine.


A diamond bracelet has a prong setting or channel setting. In a prong bracelet, each diamond is set in a prong and linked by chain links or a metal bar. In a channel setting bracelet, diamonds are encased in a common material, next to each other. White gold and sterling silver are common elements used in diamond channel bracelets. Channel bracelets have a higher sparkle, allowing the diamonds to reflect more light.


A diamond bracelet is an important investment, so you want to make sure it fits properly. Choose a length that suits your wrist and consider if you want a tighter fit that won’t move on your wrist much or if you want a looser fitting bracelet that slides up and down your arm. Keep in mind that your bracelet should not be so loose that it can fit over your hand and fall off. Talk to your jeweler about adjusting the size of a bracelet to suit your needs.


A strong clasp is important to prevent losing your bracelet. Spring clasps and lobster claws are the most secure diamond bracelet clasps. Make sure you test out your clasp a few times before buying to ensure it is easy to use and feels secure.