The Newest Trend In Jewelry: Blackened Metal

Jennifer Lopez black hoop earings

For her Los Angeles premiere of This is It Jennifer Lopez hit the red carpet and demonstrated why she in renowned as a fashion icon in her own right. The diamond hoop earrings were an example of the trend in blackened metal that is sweeping the nation.

The latest trend has already leapt off the red carpet and landed squarely in the collection of women everywhere. The combination of the darker metals that are more often than not paired with darker diamonds is a refreshing change from some of the lighter stones that we have a tendency to gravitate to in the summer time. The emergence of darker weather means that it is time to follow suit with darker metals and darker stones that will properly contrast with the rich jewel tones of the outerwear and sweaters that are a necessity at this time of year. She looked flawless as she swept down the aisle with the diamond hoops glistening along the way. Jennifer is not the first celeb to rock the trend Taylor Swift and Jennifer Anniston are among the celebrities that are channeling the darker side this season.

The key to pulling this off with style and flair is to pair it with the right ensemble. The darker metal needs a lighter canvas on which to shine. In this case if you want to succeed with your trend interpretation, then pair your dark metal necklace and earrings with a ruby, emerald, or deep orange top. Those rich colors will add the perfect contrast to the dark metal necklace. The great thing about dark metal is that it can give you an edgy appearance that will draw attention to the pieces that you so carefully selected. This trend is definitely one for the ages and a must try for women of every style classification.