Looking at our experience over the past 40+ years it is interesting to see how engagements are very seasonal and from Thanksgiving to New Years there’s a huge spike in people searching for engagement rings then taking the final plunge. But why?

First and foremost, think about the process of introducing the person you love to your family or proposing to someone they’ve already adopted and the best time to do that. During the holiday season when everyone gets together and celebrates life couldn’t be more perfect.

Thinking back to when Barkev’s launched over 40 years ago and the tens of thousands of unique engagement rings we’ve designed since then, what stands out to us is how demand for engagement rings usually spikes in November through January then starts to taper off. And our data/insights align with industry trends.

Going back to the core question – When do most people get engaged? – we predict over 40% of couples get engaged during the holiday season (from November to January) which is the golden window. We will be posting more information on this soon.

In a nutshell, the most common time for people to become engaged is when they’re around the people they love which will make the proposal even more special; exactly why many proposals happen during the holidays.