Why choose a Princess Cut Ring

Barkev’s Three Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The decision to take the plunge and ask someone to marry you is a big one. Even bigger though is the type of ring that you will choose for your proposal. You want one that speaks to your significant other in a way that will convey your desire to spend a lifetime with them.

When it comes to engagement rings, the options are endless, but there is one that stands out above the rest and that choice is the princess cut. The princess cut diamond has gained popularity in recent times as the number one choice for engagement rings. When people begin the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring for their significant other, they are looking for that one special stone that will sparkle with brilliance. In general most square or rectangular cuts do not live up to those performance expectations. The design of the princess cut actually maximizes the brilliance of the diamond making it sparkle and command attention.The princess cut is your answer to getting the brilliance that you are looking for and an interesting cut all in one piece.

Another reason to choose the princess cut is the princess cut is also more forgiving of flaws and weaknesses than other diamond cuts, making it a very affordable option as well. While the princess cut has many advantages, there are also several necessary options to consider.

In order to protect your diamond always choose a four prong setting. The four prong setting will hold the corners of the diamond in place and protect them from damages. The corners of the diamond are the weakest points and will therefore need appropriate protection.  Take the time to examine your princess cut diamond at multiple angles and in several lights. Examining the stone in that manner will ensure that your stone has no visible flaws or tinting.

Finally, if you are going to design a ring where the princess cut stone will be set together with other stones choose accent diamonds that are the same color and no more than one grade apart in order to create the most beautiful design possible.