Always looking to offer the best customer service imaginable, the high-end jewelry store Barkev’s is excited to launch its newest e-shop service, allowing prospective buyers to try on an engagement ring at home before they buy it!

Barkev’s wants to make sure that each client is completely satisfied with his/hers purchase. Ever found yourself shopping online and wondered whether the ring that caught your eye matches your wardrobe? By using our service there will be no question in your mind

The home viewing program, that can be found on our website,, offers clients the option of picking out a ring they want to buy and request for a sample to be sent to their home. The sample(s) is an exact replica of the ring and made with silver and CZ stones. The prospective buyer can try the ring for 5 days, in the comfort of their own home and send it back when they are done. When the trial period is up, Barkev’s emails the buyer a prepaid return shipping label, to return the ring.


How to order Barkev's Rings

Always fashion forward and always looking for ways to differentiate from the competition, Barkev’s wants its clients to be absolutely satisfied with their purchase.

The service is available only for US residents.