It is interesting how some of the most recognizable sayings like “Everything is Bigger in Texas” can manifest from food to the jewelry industry where in recent years people are gravitating towards engagement rings that feature big diamonds whether they’re natural or lab grown. And that trend is going to continue, especially given pop culture.

Back in the day proposing with a modest white diamond solitaire was the norm though nowadays going bigger and more unique (black diamonds, blue diamonds, etc.) is becoming the trend – something we’re seeing firsthand based inquiries for us to design special pieces. But why is this happening?

First and foremost, the things we want in life are many times driven by the people we look up to along with what we see around us, and the iconic show Sex and the City is a perfect example. When Mr. Big finally decided to propose to Carrie, he chose a 5-carat black diamond engagement ring which, as you can imagine, boosted interest in large black diamond engagement rings around the world.

When it comes to questions we’re commonly asked related to big engagement rings, these stand out:

Is it Okay to Have a Big Engagement Ring?
And the answer is absolutely yes! This is your life and you have the power to decide what you want whether it’s your career, the car you drive, where you live and ultimately the engagement ring you wear on your finger. If a big engagement ring fits you then go for it!

How Big is Too Big for an Engagement Ring?
This question is very subjective and difficult to answer because what may be too big for others may be perfect for you. Instead, ask yourself what diamond/ring do you truly love then gravitate towards that whether it’s 3 carats, 5 or 10. Focus on what makes you happy.

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