New Black Diamond Collection

With more than three decades’ experience, Barkev’s is nationally known for the fine products it manufactures as a leading designer in the jewelry industry. The company, based in Los Angeles, specializes in creating and selling beautiful engagement rings that last for generations. In addition to this, Barkev’s produces wedding bands for men and women, as well as pendants, bracelets and earrings, all of which can be set with diamonds or other gemstones.

Many different variants of the typical diamond engagement ring are apparent, including the Solitaire, Three-Stone, Starnish and Halo Collections. Recently, Barkev’s added the Black Diamond Collection to its showcase of beautiful engagement rings.

There are many different rings to choose from in the Black Diamond Collection, each with its own unique characteristics. The defining trait of the Black Diamond Collection is the addition of black diamonds in each ring design. These are not the only diamonds in the ring—white diamonds are also an important part of each piece. The contrasting colors of the diamonds make for an eye-catching combination that leaves observers with a sense of awe and curiosity.

The standard metal used in each of these rings is white gold, available in both 14K and 18K. If customers would like a higher grade of metal quality, they can choose to upgrade to platinum. The weight of the diamonds in the Barkev’s Black Diamond Collection varies from 0.10 to 1.15 carats, so there is something for every diamond lover. Each ring is exclusively designed and manufactured by Barkev’s in the USA.

View the entire black diamond collection.