The allure and mystery of black diamonds has peaked your interest, and it’s interesting to see how mainstream media from iconic shows like Sex and the City to others have glorified black diamonds recently whereas in the past they were somewhat unknown and taboo – though the times are changing.

Fast-forward to today, if you’re thinking about a black diamond engagement ring and questioning whether it’s a good idea the answer is yes, but only if you’ve done your homework. What you find cool/interesting is one thing, though if your significant other expressed interest in a black diamond ring that’s another story… and you want to make them happy.

Black diamond engagement rings are officially here to stay not only due to pop culture but also because people are more free today in expressing themselves as opposed to fitting in (e.g. associating an engagement with a classic white diamond solitaire ring).

Barkev’s offers a wide variety of black diamond engagement rings and if you have questions we are here to help!