Choosing the Symbol of Your Love: Engagement Ring Shopping

The easiest way to pick out the perfect engagement ring is to take your girlfriend to the jeweler. However, if you want to maintain the element of surprise, you will have to be creative with your search. In order to find an engagement ring that signifies your undying devotion, pay close attention to your significant other’s tastes to ensure that she loves the ring almost as much as she loves you.

Listen to your girlfriend’s opinions on engagement rings and jewelry. Note the type of jewelry she wears: is it bold and over-the-top or refined and understated? Observe closely when she browses through magazines, entertainment blogs, or during visits to jewelry stores and listen to her comments to get an idea of what she finds appealing.

Determine the type of band by finding out if your lover prefers platinum or white gold.  Also note if she likes contemporary rings, timeless classics or a vintage ring with some historical significance.

Consider the diamond cut that will look best on her hand. If she has short fingers, elongated diamonds such as oval cuts make her hand look sleek and long. Conversely, bold, eye-catching diamonds like oversized emerald cuts will look better if she has long fingers. Steer your girlfriend towards a jewelry store to get her to try on rings. While there, note what she finds most appealing, as well as what looks best on her hand.

The trip to the jewelry store will also help you figure out her ring size. However, if you do not want to take her to a jewelry store, get one of her family members or friends to find out her ring size for you. But remember to swear them to secrecy. Another option is to get a hold of a ring she wears on her ring finger and get the size of it.

White Gold Engagement Ring

Buy a ring that compliments her lifestyle. If she works in a conservative profession, avoid tacky displays that would look out of place in the office. If your significant other likes all things glamorous, pick a ring that will compliment her Hollywood sense of style.

After considering these factors, set a price point for the ring which also factors in the price of insurance. Remember, there are a myriad of affordable options for you to choose from and many jewelers offer finance plans.