Diamond Watches Show More Than Time

Kim Kardashian Diamond Watch

Celebrities from Jay-Z to Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing diamond-studded watches, and some celebs, such as Kardashian, even offer their own brand of diamond watches. Diamond watches come in endless styles and sizes, and you can find the best one to suit your needs with some basic shopping tips.

Look for the Four Cs

The Four Cs of buying diamonds include cut, color, clarity and carat. Carat tells you the weight of the diamonds in your watch. If there is more than one diamond – which is common in watches – the carat total weight or ct TW tells you how much all of the diamonds weigh. Clarity tells the amount of flaws in your diamonds. For more information on clarity ratings, see our post on Clarity insert link. Color is the intensity and hue of your diamond. Most watches are made with white diamonds, which range from translucent, which is the most sparkling and desirable of the white diamonds, to brownish or off-white colors. Colored diamonds are the most expensive and come in a variety of hues, from blue and purple to red and black.


A diamond watch is a weighty purchase, so you want to make sure you get one that lasts. You can get a watch from a jeweler, online or at a trade show. No matter where you get your watch from, make sure it comes with a warranty or manufacturer’s guarantee. Be sure to ask about the details of the warranty so you know how long you can get repairs and maintenance work done on your watch without having to pay. If you get your watch from a jeweler, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to return to the store for routine maintenance, questions or repairs. For online purchases, you will probably have to mail your watch back if there is a problem with it.


The type of band you want in a watch depends on personal preference. Platinum is a popular material for diamond watch bands, and other choices include silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Ask your jeweler about the makeup of your watch so you know of any special precautions you will need to take, such as polishing it regularly or avoiding water.

Other Tips

Your diamond watch should be sturdy enough to last for years, so make sure the construction is solid. The watch should have a solid safety grip and be water-resistant to guard against loss or breaking. Try out the clasp to make sure it is easy to clasp and unclasp and stays secure when you jiggle your wrist around.