Colors for Spring

Fashion is all about creating the perfect look with the marriage of style and color. In order to create the perfect jewelry wardrobe for every season you must shop with color in mind. Each season has certain colors that are the style indicators of the day, and spring 2013 is no different.

Emerald is the Color of the Year

If you only choose one stone to enhance your collection this season then that stone needs to be the emerald. This intensely vibrant stone will be the must have piece of the season and will grace the runways of every major designer.

Barkev’s Emerald Diamond & Blue Topaz Ring

Top 10 Colors of the Season

1.  Grayed Jade: jade will be the new brilliant accessory on the scene in the spring,, find a great necklace and earring combination to pair with your neutral ensembles

2.  Peridot: peridot is a phenomenal choice as your statement ring of choice

3.  Emerald: color of the year

4.  Aquamarine: choose the soft color of aquamarine as a contrasting color with some of the bright spring fashions

Barkev’s Diamond Aquamarine Pendant

5.  Sapphire: the color block trend of black and blue from fall will reemerge in the spring with a white and blue alternative that is perfect for the sapphire

Barkev’s Yellow Sapphire Pendant

6.  Amethyst:  select this deep purple hue in a combination of pieces that can be paired with your monochromatic ensembles using white as your signature color

Barkev’s Amethyst Pendant

7.  Garnet:  choose your shade and then style it with flair

8.  Topaz: the yellow tinted stone can be paired with a beautiful pastel green as a great combination from the color wheel

9.  Rubies: the ruby is the perfect option to find a great dangling earring and bracelet combination

10. Pearls: pair this traditional stone with that little black dress for formal occasions or with a tailored black business suit and channel elegant perfection at the office

The verdict is in and the must have colors have been chosen. Check your collection and make your selection and then rock it your way.