The moment that your wife gives birth is bound to be one of the most beautiful and precious times of your life. But going through nine months of pregnancy and childbirth is certainly not easy for your beloved partner, and that’s where gorgeous sparkling push presents come into the picture! 

1. What are push presents?

All about expressing gratitude to a new mom, push presents are given to their partner by the respective father as a sign of thanks for carrying their child and ‘pushing’ out their baby. That is not to say that any gift can possibly compare to the gift of life, but it is simply a warm way to show deep gratitude for everything that the mom has gone through. And of course, it’s not just women that have given birth naturally that receive these lovely gifts; c-sections can also put a new mom through great difficulty and discomfort. And gifting her with a special piece of jewelry when all is said and done will surely be highly appreciated.

2. What is the push present etiquette? 

Let us get one thing clear, a push present is a gift that comes from the heart. And as such, there are no rules. Some daddies love to present new mommies with a push present straight after giving birth. Others prefer to wait until mom and baby are back in the comfort of their home, ready to truly begin their new lives together. It is always a good idea for daddies to buy the ring in advance, just in case the little one arrives early!

3. What to give as a push present? 

No one knows your partner like you do, and that means, only you can make the final choice about what the perfect push present would be for them. And unlike engagement rings, there aren’t specific gemstones that are considered more suitable than others, so this means you have great freedom of choice. 

If you’re a little uncertain about what to buy exactly, there’s always the option of a stacking ring which can be worn on the same finger as a wedding band or engagement ring. Or if you want to express your love with all your heart, then this white and rose gold diamond heart necklace speaks louder than words. Gemstone presents are also a great idea, especially if you pick a piece of jewelry featuring your newborn baby’s birthstone! April babies can be celebrated with a dazzling diamond bracelet, a mother giving birth to a July baby will be thrilled by a ruby red number, while mothers busy pushing in September can be honored with a spectacular Sapphire. Check out some gorgeous gemstone necklaces here. Want to create your own pair of earrings for your other half with the gemstone of your choice? Your wish is our command – simply customize your perfect new mom earrings here!