Growing up we have all watched movies and television shows that depict amazing proposals at epic locations, and one common question people ask even before purchasing an engagement ring is: How do I choose my engagement location? This post will shed some light on the topic. 

First and foremost, don’t buy into the fantasy – the location where you propose doesn’t have to be on the beach in Hawaii, while having dinner in Italy or any other dream destination. What’s most important about the location is what it means to both you and your significant other. 

For example, imagine if you met your future wife (fingers crossed) at a local restaurant for your first date and since then you’ve grown closer up until the point where you’re ready to propose and take things to the next level. Maybe proposing there will have more nostalgia and more of an impact than simply proposing at a cool location that has no true meaning for you. 

Secondly, regardless of where you propose, how you actually do it is equally as important. Don’t spend too much time stressing yourself out and spending excess money on planning a trip around the world without putting the same amount of effort into what you’re actually going to say when you propose, finding an engagement ring you know she’ll love, and overall making it the best possible experience. 

If you are going down the proposal path and have questions about engagement rings or anything else, feel free to reach out to us! We’re always here to help.