Is the quarantine routine eating up the romance of your relationship?

We got you covered with some inventive ways to respark that love, cosy up together and spend quality time with your s/o while social distancing. 

Games Night

Organising a couple’s game night is a great way to interact and engage with your partner while you have to stay home, or if you are quarantining together. Playing games can break up the monotony of lockdown and offers a light and fun way to spend time together.  There are plenty of great games out there for two players. And if games aren’t your thing, try doing a puzzle together with a bottle of wine.  

Indoor campout

Remember those childhood games where you’d create a fort using blankets, cushions and furniture? Fun right? Lockdown is the perfect time to get back in touch with that inner child and relive the adventure with your partner. Make yourselves a cosy indoor camp at home by building a makeshift tent, lighting some candles and grabbing a bottle of your favourite tipple, for an evening of nostalgia, with a romantic adult twist! 

Bread Baking Masterclass

We all watched on as basically the entire world started baking bread back in the first lockdown. And whether you jumped on the trend or not, round two of staying safe by staying home means plenty of spare time to learn something new with your partner. Don’t know how to bake? Don’t worry. A quick YouTube search will yield multiple easy-to-follow recipes that will have the two of you bread baking experts in no time. And the added bonus? Once you’re finished in the kitchen, dust off the flour, wait for your creation to rise, then enjoy a slice of your own homemade bread with a sundowner to celebrate. 

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