How to Properly Care for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Keep your jewelry clean

Diamond engagement rings are priceless. Taking proper care of them is paramount to maintain the beauty and true value they possess. Here are some basic tips to preserve your diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring Care Do’s

 Keeping your diamond engagement ring clean and store it carefully when not wearing it is very important. This is necessary for good diamond appearance. Following these guidelines will help keep your diamond in optimal condition:

  • Discontinue wearing the diamond engagement ring if you detect a loose stone setting or other noticeable damages to it. Have a trusted, professional jeweler take a look and, if possible, repair the jewelry. Annual checks pertaining to the setting in the diamond engagement ring are recommended. The same is true for diamond stud earrings or solitaire diamond pendants.
  • When not wearing your diamond engagement ring, ensure it is stored in a case lined with soft fabrics or in a divider box, which will prevent abrasion of other jewelry and other diamonds.

Diamond Engagement Ring Care Don’ts

Because diamonds are valuable assets, it is inadvisable to wear them while doing chores, be it inside or outside, or any other kind of rough work. Diamonds are very durable and can take punishment; however, a deft blow may chip or damage it.

Cleaning Your Diamonds

Diamonds are unlike other materials in that they may get smudged, soiled, and dusty.  Mundane materials such as lotions, powders, soaps, even the natural oils from the skin can reduce the brilliance diamonds are known for.  Additionally, chemicals in the air will cause discolorations in the mountings, mainly due to oxidation. suggested four ways to clean your diamonds.

Detergent Bath: A small bowl containing warm suds using any mild household liquid detergent will suffice; just be sure none of them contain chlorine. Use a soft brush on the jewelry until a rich lather forms around it. Be sure to use a plastic or metal strainer to rinse off with warm water, as opposed to cleaning them over the drain. A soft, lint-free cloth should be used to gently pat the jewelry dry.

Cold Water Soak:  Using a solution of 4 parts cold-water and 1 part very mild detergent, then soak the pieces in it. After several minutes, remove the jewelry from the solution, then use a soft brush to gently tap all sides of the mountings. Repeat the rinsing process, then use tissue paper to drain the solution.

Quick-Dip Method:  Purchase a brand name of liquid jewelry cleaners. Be sure to choose the optimal one for the type of stones and metals in your jewelry. Follow carefully all instructions on the label. Avoid touching the clean diamonds with your fingers, as the oils from your hands may leave behind a film on the stone.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner: A plethora of these small machines are widely available today. Any piece of jewelry that can be soaked in a liquid for minutes may be cleaned in this manner. The cleaning materials consist of a metal cup willed with water and detergent; when the machine is turned on, it creates a powerful turbulence.

By caring for your diamond engagement ring, diamond necklace, or diamond earrings properly you can ensure that your diamonds will stay looking great for generations to come.