Jewelry for Every Anniversary

We look forward to it all year long, that one day a year where we get to shout from the rooftops our undying love and devotion for one another. That’s right, its time to celebrate that milestone in our relationship that is known as our anniversary. The question is how do I know what gift is appropriate for what anniversary? That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for every anniversary in order to take the guessing out of giving.

First Year: Clocks

Your first anniversary is one of the most special days in any couples life. It is your first opportunity as a couple to celebrate a major milestone. Make sure to wow her by putting in the extra time and effort to select a personalized gift that she can treasure forever.

Second Year: China

By the second year as a couple you have created an established routine and are ready to recreate the excited of your wedding day. In this case choose a piece of china that will compliment her current collection or will be the starter piece to a collection that you can build together for years to come.

Third Year: Crystal or Glass

Year three is the time to bring out the good stuff. Show her that you care by selecting a necklace that truly reflects her personality and style preference. Find a crystal charm that will remind her of you every time that she wears it.

Fourth Year: Fruit or Flowers

Year four is the time to find her an everyday ring that she can add to her collection. A flower statement ring is the perfect addition to any collection. She can wear it on a daily basis as a reminder for the memories that you have shared thus far in the journey.

Fifth Year: Silverware

On your second anniversary, you began supplementing her love of china. Now in year five, its time to earn bonus points by adding to her collection of must have entertainment items with a new obsession, silverware. Help her become the hostess with the mostest and she will love you forever.

Tenth Year: Diamonds

A diamond really is a girl’s best friend and now is her time to shine. Whether you are upgrading an original engagement ring or choosing an entirely new one for her collection, this is the year to do it up right. It’s time to go big or go home.

Fiftieth Year: Gold

Not many people make it to this milestone and so you should be proud. Take the time to make her feel like that giggly girl you married again and choose an item that can be passed on for generations to come as a lasting symbol of your love.