Sofia Vegara’s Fabulous Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Sofia Vegara’s 7 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring up close!

Hollywood is celebrating another exciting engagement between Sofia Vegara and businessman, Nick Loeb, and the leading lady has not stopped showing off her diamond engagement ring since. On August 31, 2012 Ms. Vegara confirmed the engagement. The engagement reportedly happened at the star’s 40th birthday celebration in front of her family and friends in Mexico.

Known for her role in “Modern Family”, a popular television show, Ms. Sofia Vegara’s stunning diamond engagement ring supposedly features a 7 carat diamond. The cushion cut diamond also has two smaller diamonds nestled beautifully on each side. The three stone combination creates quite the look – one of elegance and beauty.  With not a lot of details released regarding the ring, it appears to be in a platinum or white gold setting.

Sofia Vegara’s Latest Appearance at the 2012 Emmy’s

 Since Sofial’s engagement, she has not stopped showing off her stunning ring. Her latest appearance at the 2012 Emmy’s was no exception. The cushion cut diamond engagement ring proved to be the perfect accessory for her emerald Zuhair Murrand mermaid silhouette gown.

The Cushion Cut vs. the Princess Cut Diamond

The cushion cut and the princess cut diamond are often confused with one another because of their similar shape. The princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond. It is actually second only to the round brilliant cut diamond. The princess cut diamond is most commonly square in shape but can also be rectangular as well. The face-up shape as well as the profile of this cut is very similar to a pyramid that has been inverted. Its four sides are also beveled.

The cushion cut diamond is actually an antique cut. It was commonly used in the 19th and 20th century. It is square in shape with round corners. This particular cut is not known for its brilliance like the other modern cuts. However, with the popularity of the vintage look right now this is a very popular diamond cut and is very romantic.