Whether you are traditional at heart, or love super sleek modern bands, the options when it comes to wedding and engagement rings are truly endless. And there is a fabulously hot trend that has entered the spotlight of late: stacking! You’ve no doubt seen celebrities, models, and influencers posing on social media with their stacked rings, combining many different rings on one finger, but perhaps you haven’t noticed that many of them are actually layering their existing wedding and engagement rings with other beauties from their jewelry box. Here is the lowdown on this powerful look!

Why stacking?

Some women love the look of wearing a few rings on one finger – it’s different, it’s trendy, it makes a powerful statement and it can look absolutely gorgeous when done in the right way. Others like to ensure that their engagement or wedding ring is safe, by adding another band or two on the same finger! Adding absolute brilliance to any look, it is fun to play with colors, mixing and matching different gemstones and metals. At the end of the day, it is all about self-expression and making the most of your unique and personal style. And many women stack rings to symbolize cherished moments throughout their lifetime. Onto the next point!

What’s the special occasion?

While there does not need to be any special occasion to stack your rings, many women love to add different rings to one finger as a way of collecting memories. Stacked rings are often given for engagement, weddings, motherhood, or a growing family, anniversaries, or any other special occasions, like shared goals or dreams achieved with a partner. And they can even be personalized with special engravings and stones. Read some handy tips on how to personalize your engagement ring here.

How should you stack?

Let us be clear: there aren’t many rules when it comes to stacking! You can mix stones, gems and metals. You can even mix sizes too. Some can be chunky, others can be dainty. Go wild with mixed metal and mix and match rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Do mix different weights and shapes, but the only thing you want to try not to do, is stack too many different styles. Vintage inspired rings do not mix well with super modern styles for example – it’s better to play around with metals and stones than styles.

In which order do you stack?

Again, there are no rules about this, although symmetrical stacking is popular. This means wearing your engagement ring in the middle, secured by two bands on either side. But you can always stack in any way that you like – the so-called eclectic stack. And you could even consider just wearing your engagement or wedding ring on one hand, and then stacking other special rings on the other. The choice. is yours!

If you would love to get stacking, check out this list of bold beauties: