Storage Wars

For most people their jewelry collection is their pride and joy. Part of protecting one of your largest investments is to ensure that your collection is stored properly while it is waiting for its next wear. If jewelry is stored properly, then it will extend the life of your collection tremendously and provide you with many joyful wears in the days to come.

Full length Jewelry Armoire

The most important factors to consider when choosing the best armoire to purchase for your own personal needs are the amount of jewelry that you own and where you plan to place the armoire in your home. First, evaluate how many pieces of each type of jewelry that you own. There is no need to purchase an armoire that has multiple ring compartments if the majority of your collection consists of earrings and bracelets. Next, consider the amount of space that you have to store your armoire. Ideally, if you can find the space to store your jewelry in a free standing armoire those are the most functional storage units available. Holiday time is the ideal opportunity to search for an armoire. Most retailers have multiple versions available at a reasonable price in order to corner the market on gift giving. The newest trends in the armoire business are to build armoires that are multi-functional. Now, there are full length mirrors that open to reveal a hidden armoire.

Every good jewelry box will have earring pads available for you to store your earrings. It is important to store your earrings in a way that ensures that the posts will not scratch other pieces in your collections. If you run out of earring pads in your box, you can use the pads that come in the earring presentation boxes that any new earring purchases are placed in. The same concept rings true for watch boxes. Most watches come placed around a watch form that is used to hold the shape of the watch. Those forms can be used to help the watch keep its shape in the armoire as well. Next, look for an armoire that has multiple storage compartments. In order to eliminate damaging your jewelry while it is in storage, jewelry should be stored with one piece per compartment. That will alleviate the damage created when the clasps or rough edges come into contact with another piece. Necklaces should be hung separately in order to avoid damage that will occur when chains become entangled. The only necklaces that should not be stored hanging up are pearl necklaces. Pearl necklaces should be stored laying flat in one of the jewelry compartments. Pearls will weigh down the string they are on and over time will cause the string to break. Then, in order to avoid the damage that can be inflicted on your jewelry by pulling it in and out of the armoire on a regular basis, store your most popular pieces at the front of your armoire. If those popular pieces are at the front, then you lower the risk of them brushing against other pieces as they are being taken in and out of the compartments. Finally, clean your jewelry prior to storing them back in the box in order to avoid damage that can be caused by dust while your pieces are in storage.

By following these simple steps to caring for your jewelry collection, you will not only extend the life of your collection, you will increase its value over time as well. Pristine pieces will bring a pretty penny in the end.