The Verdict is In and the It Color Goes to the Emerald

As we reflect back on the previous year and contemplate all that happened in 2012, those in the fashion world are already sting the stage for what’s going to trend in 2013. The fashion elite have been fast and furious in their efforts to ensure that we are able to keep our wardrobes on track and be ready with the right jewelry to boot.

Viola Davis at Oscars with drop emerald earrings

The verdict is in and the new it color is officially emerald green. For the 2012 Oscars, emerald earrings were a fashion must have. Though many tried, the one who wore them best was definitely Viola Davis Her emerald drop earrings that accompanied her flowing gown made her an instant best dressed nominee Emeralds always shine at the Oscars, their vibrant green color is a perfect contrast for the dark red carpet. If you couple that great contrast with the sparkling diamond accents that accompanied the jewels you have an automatic winning combination.

The trick to choosing the perfect emerald is simple. You first need to determine where you will be wearing your new piece the majority of the time. Your destination of choice will impact the style of earring that you will select. If you plan on wearing them in a formal setting, then opt for a drop earring that will lend itself well to being paired with an evening gown and an updo. If however, what you seek is options to wear for everyday use select a smaller piece that can be worn when your hair is worn up or down. Think along the lines of a single stone earring or a small cluster of emeralds. A smaller emerald earring will achieve the stylish look you are seeking without overwhelming the remainder of the look that you have created. Smaller stones are also appropriate in all settings which mean that you will also get a great deal of wear out of the stone, making them an even better investment. As for 2013, this year is the year of the emerald, won’t you join us?