Over the years, more women are choosing non-traditional engagement rings over the standard white diamond solitaire that brides-to-be seemed to love.

Couples are more interested in colored diamonds, gemstones, and bands when it comes to picking a ring that represents their love. Currently on the rise to popularity are sapphire engagement rings.

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Aside from how stunning they look, a sapphire ring makes a great engagement ring because they are very durable and can only be scratched by a diamond. They make beautiful, yet strong engagement rings for everyday wear.

When many of us think of sapphires, we connect it with vintage and classic designs from the 1700’s, but many women are pairing their gorgeous sapphire rings with more modern and contemporary rings. Fortunately, sapphire rings come in many different creative designs which may be the perfect fit for you.

The Blue Sapphire Halo Bridal set is an elegant set that features a halo round-cut diamond with sapphire accents. For a different look and for brides who want sapphires but would love a diamond as a center gemstone, a great solution is to use sapphires as accent gems around a center diamond like the Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring. This piece features a round diamond center with stunning pink sapphires for accents.

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Although the color blue remains the most popular color for sapphire rings, many women look for different colors, such as pink or yellow. Luckily, sapphires come in every color of the rainbow, which might make it easier to find your perfect match. Take a look at our collection HERE for different designs.