For over 40 years Barkev’s has been recognized as one of the leading engagement and wedding ring designers, though we also design a wide variety of diamond necklaces and pendants that have become just as popular as our rings.

As one example, over the past few years we’ve seen a big increase in customers from around the world contacting us for not only engagement/wedding rings, but also unique diamond necklaces and pendants. And because of that our team has been focused on creating new designs that will be announced soon.

What is most interesting is how the jewelry industry continues to evolve and now we are seeing far more interest in lab-grown diamond necklaces and pendants whereas in the past everyone was focused on natural diamonds.

Additionally, from black diamonds to blue diamonds, consumer interests are changing – the classic white diamond ring or necklace is out the window and people are becoming more creative nowadays and going away from the “norm.”

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