What is the Best Diamond Cut for You?

Receiving a diamond – whether it is a diamond engagement ring or diamond gift of some kind, you want it to look great on you. That is why it is so important to know what diamond cut looks best on you. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Know the Shape of Your Hand

Hands are all shaped differently. Therefore, knowing what shape your hand is can be very beneficial when selecting the perfect diamond cut.  Hand shapes are generally classified into four types, which include the following:

Barkevs princess-cut engagement ring

1. Long Fingers with Rectangular Palms

Take a measurement of your palm including your middle finger. If their length is the same, then a princess cut diamond ring may for you. Princess cuts look very elegant in a prong setting and will flatter very bold diamond ring designs.

2. Short Fingers with Square Palms

If you have short fingers with a square-shaped palm, it is best to avoid smaller rings, as they will only make your short fingers stand out. They will also give the illusion of bigger than normal hands. Alternatively, look for a diamond in a bezel setting. These settings feature gold, white gold, or platinum, which can be wrapped around the diamonds. This will help bring out the diamond’s features and give the illusion of it being bigger than its actual size. This is helpful in the overall look if you plan to buy one carat or less.

Consider the marquise diamond cut as well. It not only has a majestic appearance, but its elongated shape will make your fingers look longer than they really are. The oval cut is a prime choice for small fingers as well.

3. Long Fingers Equal in Size to Your Rectangular Palms

If you have rectangular palms and your fingers are equally long, consider an emerald cut. The diamond’s angular shape will be more flattering your fingers, especially if the setting is effective in accentuating the stone.

4. Long and Slender Fingers with Square palms

If your palm is rectangular-shaped with a middle finger nearly as long when measured vertically across your hand, a pear-cut diamond ring or a heart cut diamond ring may be for you. Fingers that are lean and long when set against the non-traditional shape of the diamond will not give the illusion of shortness, but instead will complement them.

Know Your Personality

Even after considering the right kind of diamond ring for the various types of finger and hand shapes, what it really comes down to is preference and personality that will determine the right diamond cut that will suit you. Even the most famous may not have considered their hand and finger shape when purchasing their diamond ring, but it does match them perfectly. Considering this fact, if you feel comfortable with the diamond cut, then go for it.