What to Wear to Your Next Holiday Party

The time of year has come to fill your social calendar with engagements and plan your holiday wardrobe.  Holiday is the time to bring out some of your most precious pieces and showcase them center stage.

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Statement Pieces

Holiday parties are a great place to showcase some of your most dynamic pieces. Parties are a time to play dress up and admire how well everyone in the room looks. If you want to stand out, the easiest way to do so is through the use of a statement necklace. The key to styling your statement piece is to showcase it against a simple, classic gown.  When you place that piece against a classic color like black, your outfit becomes the perfect canvas to highlight the beauty of your necklace.

Showcasing earrings

The most important thing about showcasing earrings is the choice you make about your hairstyle. If you want your statement piece to be your earrings, then the best way to draw attention to them is by crafting the perfect holiday hairstyle. The best way to showcase your earrings is to style your hair in a classic French twist. The French twist will sweep your hair away from your face, but also creates interest around the face with the twisted style. That interest in your hairstyle will naturally draw the eye to your earring choice.

Choosing Your Watch

Everyone should own at least two watches. One watch will be that watch that becomes your go to watch for everyday wear. The other watch that you purchase should be a dressier version that is brought out for special occasions. Do not make the mistake of creating a fabulous look and then distract from it by choosing a watch that is not up to the standard of the rest of the look.

Holiday time is that joyous occasion when everything is merry and bright. Take the time to craft your look in style and showcase those pieces that are true special occasion wonders. Most of have fun and enjoy this time to share your beautiful pieces with others.