Essential Jewelry Pieces For A Man of Style

When it comes to the art of becoming a man of style, the devil is truly in the details. In the case of fashion, the details are your accessories. If you want to elevate your fashion status to rival those of the truly chic, then the time has come to invest in the necessities of style.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are coming back. While it may be true that cuff links are accessories that are traditionally worn with formal wear, they are popping back up in more and more casual settings. Part of the reason that we are seeing the reemergence of cuff links is due to the increased number of men who are embracing their inner GQ. It has now become hot for a guy to embrace his style and showcase his personality with it. The trick to styling cuff links is all about planning and coordination. Your cuff links should match the outfit you are wearing and the occasion that you are wearing it for. Also, think along the lines of matching metals. Your cuff links can be worn to match your wedding ring in some cases, so take that into consideration as you shop.

 Tie Clips 

Tie clips are a great way to express your personality in a quirky way, if they are worn correctly. Nothing says style amateur like buying into a trend and styling it wrong. First, the important thing to consider is the placement of the tie clip. It should be styled between the third and fourth buttons on your dress shirt. This placement creates a balanced look and is neither too high nor too low. Next, ensure that the tie clip is fastened to both ends of the tie and fastens directly to your dress shirt. This will ensure that the tie does not bunch throughout the day. Finally, choose a tie clip that is narrower than your tie. This will convey a polished feel and score big points in the business world.

Money Clips

The final necessary accessory for the modern man is the money clip. Carrying around a big, bulky wallet is so last year. The new “it” thing is to keep everything thin and organized with your handy dandy money clip. They are available in brass and stainless steel and can be personalized to suit any personality.

Style is not just about being fabulous on the outside. Style is a reflection of power and prominence. Part of the reason that the rich and powerful are where they are is due to the emphasis that they place on crafting their image.