Every Wardrobe Needs a Statement Piece

Building your jewelry wardrobe is very similar to building your clothing wardrobe in that every wardrobe needs a piece that will be the showpiece of the jewelry box. That piece is known as your statement piece. The function of the statement piece is to be the anchor of your outfit and an overall conversation starter. Each category of jewelry has its own version of a statement piece, so it’s important to assemble a complete collection.

Pink tourmaline and diamond bar pendant by Barkev’s


For a necklace, the statement piece is about size and proportion. Look for a large piece with intricate detail and striking color. Think about how the necklace will look from across a room. If the piece can be seen at the opposite end of the room, then it qualifies as your statement piece.

antique styled diamond bracelet by Barkev’s


For a bracelet, a statement piece is all about the bling. Look for a large, chunky bracelet that says I have arrived. The bracelet should stand out against any top that you choose, so find one that will perform against any canvas.

unique diamond ring


For a ring, a statement piece can either be about size or bling. Either of those traits will be a showstopper and call attention to your ring. Look again for intricate detail that will attract attention to your piece.

Layering to Make a Statement

Another creative way to achieve the desired look achieved from that perfect statement piece is to create your own unique design through the use of a layering technique. Both necklaces and bracelets are easy items to layer in order to create a statement piece. When you are shopping for necklaces consider the entire collection before making a purchase. Most collections will have short, medium, and long versions of the same necklace. Even though for the particular outfit you are shopping for you may only want a short necklace, consider buying multiple lengths to use at a layer date in a layered formation. You can also look for ways to layer using pieces that coordinate with the metal in the necklace such as a gold or silver chain. When it comes to using layers to create a statement piece for your bracelet, it is all about stacking appropriately. The key to stacking correctly is about focusing on balance. Select two pieces that will anchor the stack on either side. Stacks can be created in either small or large variations depending on your personal preference. If you want a large version then choose large anchor pieces and then smaller bracelets for the interior for the stack. The opposite is true for the smaller stack.

However you slice it, a statement piece is a must have so hit the store, choose wisely, and style well.