Whether it’s due to pop culture, what we’ve seen in our environment or other factors that influence our thoughts and goals it’s interesting how the true meaning of proposing to someone with the intention of building a life together is sometimes skewed by the ring itself.

Ultimately, the act of proposing means two people coming together as one and once you get to that point you probably already know your significant other’s interests and more importantly you’ve discussed your goals as a couple. For example, is having a more expensive engagement ring now a higher priority than investing in your future, buying a house, etc.? Usually the answer is no.

And that ties back to recent trends we’ve seen where a majority of people are now buying lab grown diamonds as opposed to natural diamonds, which makes sense for a variety of reasons.

If you are looking to propose soon and searching for an engagement ring don’t let the hype and social pressure push you in the wrong direction. Choose what’s best for you and your significant other.

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