Top 10 Smithsonian Gems

Top 10 Smithsonian Gems

The Smithsonian’s National Gem and Mineral Collection at the National Museum of Natural History has a dazzling array of spectacular gems that are both rare and exquisite. Here is a list of the some of the most popular gems in the Smithsonian’s collection:

1. The Hope Diamond

There is no doubt that the Hope Diamond is the most famous diamond in the world, as well as the most famous gem at the Smithsonian. It is a gorgeous deep blue colored diamond that weighs a whopping 44.5 carats.

The Hope Diamond is the most famous diamond in the world

2. Yellow Fluorite from Tanzania

This fluorite piece is a beautiful rare yellow color that has a 40.01 carat size and is extremely rare. It has recently been acquired as an important addition to the Smithsonian’s collection of rare gems.

3. The Bismarck Sapphire

One of the world’s biggest sapphires, the Bismarck Sapphire is a deep well-colored blue. It is originally from Sri Lanka, and it also has diamonds which encrust the 98.6 carat gem.

4. Smithsonian Canary Diamond

The Canary diamond is a most rare gem that is a brilliant yellow in color. It is mounted in a gold ring and it absolutely stunning.

5. Hooker Emerald Brooch

This gorgeous green emerald brooch was supposedly once part of a Turkish sultan’s belt buckle. The 75 carat Hooker Emerald Brooch also has 108 brilliant cut round diamonds.

6. Diamond Tiara Bracelet

Designed to resemble a piece for European royalty, this exquisite tiara bracelet was part of a traveling exhibit and was once worn by Selma Hayek.

7. Marie Antoinette Earrings

Louis XVI gave these dangling diamond earrings to Marie Antoinette. It is believed that the earrings were taken from her when she was arrested fleeing the French Revolution.

8. Quartz Egg

The Quartz Egg is from Brazil, and it is made of out of highly faceted rock crystal. It is 7,000 carats.

9. Portuguese Diamond

The 13th largest diamond in the world, the Portuguese Diamond is also the biggest diamond to come from Brazil. It is a whopping 127.01 carats.

10. Napoleon I Diamond Necklace

Empress Marie Louise was given this 275-carat diamond necklace by Napoleon I. He gave her the exquisite piece to celebrate the birth of their son, who was also the future king of Rome.